About Joliet Montessori School

Board of Trustees

We are pleased to announce the 2020 - 2021 Board of Trustees for Joliet Montessori School. Each Trustee is charged with supporting the school’s mission and overseeing the fiscal health of the organization. Specific responsibilities of the Board of Trustees include assuring that there are adequate resources for the school to deliver its mission to the student body. The Board does so by the development of the strategic plan, review of the school’s progress toward those goals, cultivation of major donors, and hiring, supporting, and evaluating the Head of School.

The Board of Trustees consists of current JMS parents, past parents, and community members from Joliet and surrounding communities. Board members are profiled by the Committee on Trustees to identify individuals who will best carry out the strategic plan and move our school forward. Each member of the Board has expressed a continuing pledge to the success of JMS. Every effort is made to ensure that the Board embodies a broad cross section of our school community and includes individuals who bring distinct skills to the school.

Our Board of Trustees is a strategic entity, which functions under the guidance of Independent School Management (ISM), of which the school is a consortium member.

The Board of Trustees meetings are held at the school on the third Monday of each month unless the meeting falls on a school holiday. Please check the school calendar on the website for the most up-to-date dates. Meetings begin at 7 p.m. All parents are invited and welcome to attend.  

The current month's agenda can be viewed HERE.  Current and past agendas and approved meeting minutes can be viewed in the school office also by appointment. 



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