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Annual Fund/How to Give

Help us raise $19k by ’19!

The JMS Annual Fund covers maintenance and improvements to keep our campus safe and beautiful for our students and families. While day-to-day operations, administration and salaries are paid completely by tuition dollars, the JMS Annual Fund exists to help us build a more effective and inviting environment for our students to build their lifelong love of learning.

Our Annual Fund goal is $19,000 by June of 2019 – $19k by ’19 – an ambitious but achievable goal for the entire JMS community of families, supporters and donors. Please help by pledging your support for quality Montessori education now!

If you have any questions about the JMS Annual Fund, the $19k by ’19 drive, or would like to volunteer your time and talents in lieu of financial support, please contact Eileen Kozlowski, Assistant Head of School, 815-741-4180.


Why is the Annual Fund important?

The Annual Fund covers improvements and updates – both planned and unexpected – that aren’t covered by tuition dollars. Tuition only covers the day-to-day costs of every student’s education – things like the mortgages and utilities for our two-building campus; faculty and staff salaries; professional development; marketing; and classroom materials. The Annual Fund helps us pay for expenses that fall outside these areas.

Are families required to donate?

No, but our goal is 100% participation. There is no minimum contribution level, and every dollar counts. We ask that our families share a contribution that makes sense for their individual circumstances. Participation is much more important than dollar amounts.

What improvements are we hoping to cover with our $19k by ’19 Annual Fund goal?

Our Board of Trustees votes on how we spend Annual Fund dollars based on the most urgent areas of need. Our top priorities for school improvements this year include:

How long will the $19k by ’19 Annual Fund drive be open?

Our $19k by ’19 drive will end on June 30, 2019.

Why are we seeking 100% participation?

100% participation helps cement our JMS families into a united, committed force dedicated to delivering the best Montessori education for our children, and in our area.

Are donations to the Annual Fund tax deductible?

Yes. Because JMS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization, all donations to JMS – including those to the Annual Fund – are fully tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. You will receive written acknowledgement of your gift that can be used to claim the charitable deduction on that year’s taxes.

How can I contribute to the $19k by ’19 Annual Fund drive?

You can pledge one-time or automatic monthly donations at our Annual Fund website. Or send your check, payable to JMS, to Joliet Montessori School, Business Office, 1600 Root Street, Crest Hill, IL 60403. Please indicate “Annual Fund” in the memo field if donating by check.



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