About Joliet Montessori School

About JMS

Founded in 1966 by seven families who wanted to introduce the Montessori method to their community, Joliet Montessori School helps children discover their passion for learning. Through an interactive classroom guided by certified Montessori directresses, students from infancy through 9th grade learn to be avid students and contributors to our school, community and world.

Our classrooms incorporate every element of academic curriculum, with room for every child's unique learning style and talent to shine through. Plus we teach valuable lessons in grace and courtesy, cooperation, compromise, negotiation, and conflict resolution - so every student can learn and contribute in a comfortable and safe environment. As a result, students develop a lifelong love of learning that propels them into a successful transition to high school and beyond.

There's no substitute for seeing Montessori with your own eyes. Check out some of these wonderful moments from our Facebook page.

The Long Black Strip Lesson - video of this impressionistic, outdoor lesson taught by older students to our elementary class. This lesson never fails to bring joy, enthusiasm and a deeper understanding of human history for our students.

Wednesday Walkabouts - fun photos of our 3-6 year olds on their weekly outdoor walk, observing, journaling, sketching and enjoying nature!

Monarch Raise and Release - sweet story about one of our adolescent students, who had a few motherly pangs as she released the beautiful monarch she had raised. She tagged her baby and she'll study its patterns as it flies free.

Parent Child Proud Moments - our 18-month to 3 year old students master things like zippers, pouring, and caring for younger siblings - all while their parents how they can bring the Montessori method home each day.



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JMS' First Spring Scramble Golf Outing To Benefit The Annual Fund


JMS In-Person Open House- Sunday, April 25th


Upcoming JMS Open House


JMS In-Person Open House- Sunday, March 14th


Upcoming JMS Open House