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Joliet Montessori School Summer Camp Registration Open

Register for Session 1, Session 2 or choose your favorite week!  Daily summer camp hours are 9:00 AM-3:00 PM.  Before camp care will open at 8:00 AM and after camp care is available until 5:00 PM.   

Register here for Summer Camp and for rates.

Session 1:

June 12 – 16     Robots!  Robots have helped us find solutions to our biggest and smallest problems. We will create a robot to fix a “problem” while learning how they have changed over the years and are shaping our future!

June 19 – 23     Explore Earth, Water, and Wind!  We will explore different land formations, dive down deep into the sea and soar into the sky while discovering plants and animals in their natural environment!

June 26-30 Adventures in Survival!  We will learn about animal behavior and tracking. Children will create their own survival kit and learn to use it as if they were dropped off in the middle of an island!

Session 2:

July 10-14 Growing with Fruits and Vegetables!  How did fruits and vegetables come to be? We will observe their seeds, plant them, and learn where they grow. We will also learn how each fruit and vegetable help our bodies grow!

July 17-21 Discover our Inner Superhero!  We all have everyday heroes in our lives - our parents, firemen, police officers, doctors, etc.  We will learn what it means to be a superhero to others.

July 24-28 Back to the Future!  We will travel through time back to the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.  Then we will head back to the future and see what it may look like!

July 31-August 4 Travel Around the World!  Pack your bags!  We will create our own passport and travel to France, Italy, Germany, and Japan to learn about their culture, food, and music!


Current families will have priority registration.  Please register early to guarantee your spot!



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